Set Up and Care


Set Up

Setting up your new copper fountain is easy!

1.  Select your water feature's location.  You will need a power source nearby and access to water for the initial fill.

2.  Remove your new fountain from packaging.  Ensure the spout is pointing forward over the longest piece of the copper base.

3.  Place your fountain on the side of your favorite pot.  Fill the pot with water (we recommend an inch or two below the rim to avoid any splash).

4.  Connect the 3/8" tubing that exits the fountain base to a small fountain pump.  Pumps are available at many hardware stores, garden centers and online.  For two to three feet of water depth, a 60 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) pump or smaller will suffice.  Some larger pumps may create too much flow, leading to excessive splash.  Follow pump manufacturers' set up instructions.  DO NOT PLUG IN PUMP WITHOUT WATER IN YOUR POT.


Your new copper fountain has a beautiful 'brushed' finish.  Over time, your fountain will darken and gain a lovely patina.  The 3/8" tubing that runs through your fountain may require cleaning occasionally, especially if you have plants in the water.  To do this, simply unplug from your power source and disconnect the tubing from your pump, rinse tubing using garden hose with the water stream strong enough to force any debris through.